KNOSSOS - Knossos was the most important centre of the Minoan culture. The palace is located only a few kilometres south of Heraklion. According to mythology the palace was the seat of King Minos. It extends over an area of 20.000 square meters. The labyrinth-like construction has colourful friezes and frescoes, figures and murals that illustrate the life of that time. The most varied representations of animals and people, right up to gods and various ceremonies also show an advanced and highly developed society.

CHANIA - The second largest city of Crete is definitely worth a visit. The Venetian harbour, museums, numerous churches, winding alleys... Everyone will find something for his taste.

PREVELI MONASTERY - Not far from Rethymnon, immersed in nature, lies the monastery of Preveli. There you can visit two monasteries, the lower and the rear one. Afterwards you can walk to the beach of Preveli.

SAMARIA GORGE - Don't miss a walk through the longest gorge in Europe. From an altitude of over 1200 metres it leads down to the sea. You can walk between up to 600 metres
high and vertical cliffs towards the Libyan Sea. The narrowest point has a passage of only 3-4 metres.